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New Suggestion Menu!

Introducing Our Exciting New Suggestion Menu: A Journey Through Regional Dishes 

Italy is a land of culinary treasures, each region boasting its unique flavors, ingredients, and traditions. From the sun-drenched shores of the Amalfi coast to the verdant hills of Tuscany, join us on a gastronomic journey as our Italian Chef Samuele brings you to explore the diverse and delicious dishes that define Italian cuisine. 

Stay tuned and discover one of his special creations every week. Each week's suggestion is only available for 5 days, so make sure you don't miss out!

Check out some of the highlights from each week’s suggestion menu:

Week 1: Tuscany
Peposo , Tuscan-style pork cheek strew with mashed potatoes

Peposo is a traditional Tuscan-style pork cheek stew that originates from the city of Florence. This hearty and flavorful dish has a rich history dating back to the Renaissance period. The name "peposo" is derived from the word "pepe," meaning pepper, which is a key ingredient in this dish. It's incredibly tasty and pairs perfectly with creamy mashed potatoes.


Week 2: Piemonte
Tajarin al capriolo
Tajarin al capriolo

Tajarin al Capriolo is a traditional pasta dish from the Piedmont region of Italy, specifically featuring the use of tajarin pasta, a type of thin egg pasta similar to tagliolini, served with a sauce made from venison. This dish showcases the rich and hearty flavours of Piedmontese cuisine, often enjoyed during the colder months when game meat is in season.


Week 3: Campania
Pizza montanara
Pizza montanara

Pizza Montanara is a traditional Neapolitan pizza that originated in Naples, Italy. It is known for its unique preparation method, which involves frying the pizza dough before adding it to the oven and finishing it off by adding spicy confit tomatoes and stracciatella cream. This technique results in a crispy yet airy crust that is deliciously light and fluffy.


Week 4: Sardegna
Porceddu, crispy roasted pork knuckle

Porceddu is a traditional dish originating from the Italian island of Sardinia, known for its rich culinary heritage and rustic flavors. Porceddu is a crispy pork knuckle, served alongside roasted potatoes and pork gravy. It is a dish deeply rooted in Sardinian culture and is cherished for its simplicity and delicious taste. It is a dish meant to be shared and enjoyed with loved ones, evoking the warmth and hospitality of Sardinian culture. Whether served at a festive gathering or enjoyed as a special family meal, Porceddu is sure to leave a lasting impression with its succulent meat and irresistible flavor. Buon appetito!


Week 5: Lost In Italy

Lombardy Tortelli di Zucca
Lombardy Tortelli di Zucca

Get lost in Italy, you'll discover unexpected things, meet interesting people, and enjoy delicious food around every corner. In week 5, we present Tortelli di Zucca, a traditional dish from Lombardy, Italy. It is a delectable pasta filled with a creamy and savory blend of pumpkin, cheese, and spices. Enjoy this delicious and comforting dish as a celebration of Lombardy's culinary heritage and the flavors of autumn.


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