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Mozza’s new menu!

Discover the wonders of our new food and dessert at Mozza by Cocotte. Let’s enjoy the chef’s experiences under the concept “La Cucina Di Mamma”!!

Check out some of the highlights from our new menu:


Beetroot Carpaccio Salad ( 340.-)

Start your meal with a refreshing Beetroot Carpaccio Salad. This is a colorful and healthy salad with beetroot slices and rocket salad. The dish is packed with flavor from the sweet poached pear, taleggio, dry fig, nuts and mustard dressing. You will love the sweetness of this salad.


Prawn Risotto & Stracciatella ( 690.-)

As everyone knows, risotto has been a traditional Italian food since 14th Century Naples.

This rice dish is similar to pilaf or paella, and is a traditional staple of northern Italian cuisine. At Mozza by Cocotte the creamy Prawn Risotto & Stracciatella is flavorful, yet perfectly balanced.


Arlecchino Pizza ( 540.-)

Pizza is one of the most traditional and popular Italian dishes. Our Arlecchino Pizza is a Neapolitan style pizza, baked in a wood fire oven which makes the crust extra crispy.

This pizza is a hearty vegetarian option with Mozzarella and asiago cheese, topped with cherry tomato confit and made more flavorful with beetroot, zucchinis, green peas & bell peppers.


Tuna Caponata ( 590.-)

Caponata is a Sicilian dish consisting of chopped fried aubergine and other vegetables.

We grilled yellowfin tuna and served it alongside caponata, rocket salad, and season it with salsa verde. We recommend Tuna Caponata for anyone looking for comfort food as their main dish.


Mango & Passion Panna Cotta ( 280.-)

Don’t forget Mozza’s dessert! You won’t want to miss Mango & Passion Panna Cotta, perfect for all fruit lovers. This is traditional, easy, and delicious Italian custard.


Come visit us today and try one of our newest dishes


2nd Floor ( PUBLIC LANE), Central Chidlom (new branch)

G Floor, Siam Paragon.

G Floor, EmQuartier.

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