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Mozza’s Suggestion Menu!

Discover new Mozza special dishes every week! Our Italian Chef Samuele brings you

“la cucina di mamma” with exciting new menu suggestions for you. Enjoy carefully crafted dishes that will take your taste buds to different parts of Italy. Stay tuned and discover one of his special creations every week. Each week's suggestion is only available for 7 days, so make sure you don't miss out!

Check out some of the highlights from each week’s suggestion menu:


Cotoletta alla Milanese

Cotoletta alla Milanese is one of the most well known dishes of the Lombardy cuisine, and can be found all over the city of Milan, from Michelin-starred restaurants to small cafes. Although it is most commonly made with veal, we have added our own spin to the dish, substituting the veal for a juicy pork chop. The pork chop is breaded and fried in butter, served with a crisp rocket salad and tartare sauce.


Sea Bass Stew

Our Italian Sea Bass Stew and clam stew perfectly combines all the fresh flavours of the Mediterranean. Traditionally made by fishermen from the catch of the day, this hearty stew is another comforting home-cooked dish that you can enjoy with us. Taking this stew to the next level, we top the bowl with our pizza crust dough, locking in all the flavours and leaving you with some bread to soak up the broth!


Squid Ink Spaghetti

Our homemade squid ink pasta is not to be missed - the squid ink provides a gorgeous black colour, and also gives it an amazing flavour. Rich and briny with the faint hint of sea saltiness, makes this type of pasta absolutely perfect for pairing with seafood. This dish is prepared with braised baby squid and cherry tomatoes, creating a fresh and delicious Mediterranean flavour.


Calzone Tradizionale

The calzone is a traditional Italian dish and its roots can be traced back all the way to 18th Century Naples. How can you tell a calzone apart from a panzerotti or stromboli? Calzone’s are typically oven-baked, and folded into a crescent shape. Our calzone is cooked in our traditional Neapolitan handmade brick oven, filled with mozzarella cheese, prosciutto cotto and mushrooms - the perfect comfort food.


Burrata Mortadella

This delicious pizza perfectly combines three truly Italian ingredients - burrata, mortadella, and pistachios. The combination of all three is a perfect balance of flavours and textures with creamy burrata cheese, a crisp pizza crust, with the silky mortadella and a little crunch from the pistachios. If you’re looking for something new, be sure to try this one out!


Come visit us today and try one of our suggestion menu dishes


Central Chidlom, Siam Paragon or EmQuartier.


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