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Mozza's Parmesan cheese wheel

From Monday through to Friday, come to Mozza and enjoy some of our signature dishes cooked in an entire wheel of parmesan right in front of your table. Enjoy the selection of either Truffle Risotto or Spaghetti Porcini E Saliccia. Try Chef Samuele's authentic Italian recipes cooked in a wheel of parmesan cheese!

Parmesan Truffle Risotto - 890.-

Enjoy Carnaroli rice, cooked with truffle, with lots of love in a wheel of parmesan cheese

Spaghetti Porcini E Salsiccia - 690.-

Try our homemade Spaghetti, with sautéed porcini, pork saugages & porcini sauced, finished off in the Parmesan cheese wheel to enjoy that rich, creamy texture.

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